2021-2022 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics of Out-of-Equilibrium Systems

Exercice sessions   Teacher: Stephan Fauve  University: École Normale Supérieure (Paris)   Level: M1 (forth year’s students)

Date Exercice Questions Solutions
16/09/21 Some Irreversible Processes TD1 Solutions
23/09/21 From Heat Engines to Tropical Cyclones TD2 Solutions
30/09/21 Thermoelectric Generator TD3 Solutions
07/10/21 Entropy of a Ray of Light TD4 Solutions
14/10/21 From Diffusion to Large Deviations TD5 Solutions
21/10/21 Thermodynamics of Climate and Renewable Energies TD6 Solutions
21/10/21 Large Deviations of Radioactive Decay TD7 Solutions
28/10/21 Markov Processes TD8 Solutions
19/11/21 Langevin Equation TD9 Solutions
26/11/21 Harmonic Analysis for Stochastic Dynamics TD10 Solutions
02/12/21 Fokker-Planck and Noise-Induced Transitions TD11 Solutions
09/12/21 First Passage Problems TD12 Solutions
16/12/21 Stochastic Resonance TD13 Solutions
06/01/22 Out-of-Equilibrium Arrhenius Law TD14 Solutions
13/01/22 Noise-Induced Transitions TD15 Solutions


2018-2020 General Physics

Exercice sessions (khôles)   Teacher: Murielle Dunlop  University: Lycée Louis-le-Grand (Paris)   Level: MP* (second year’s students)