Thermodynamique et Physique Statistique des Systèmes Hors-Équilibre

Période: 2021-2022.
Mission: Chargé de TD de Stephan Fauve.
Master 1.
École Normale Supérieure, PSL Université.

Numéro Sujet Exercices Solutions
TD1 Some Irreversible Processes
TD2 From Heat Engines to Tropical Cyclones
TD3 Thermoelectric Generator
TD4 Entropy of a Ray of Light
TD5 From Diffusion to Large Deviations
TD6 Thermodynamics of Climate and Renewable Energies
TD7 Large Deviations of Radioactive Decay
TD8 Markov Processes
TD9 Langevin Equation
TD10 Harmonic Analysis for Stochastic Dynamics
TD11 Fokker-Planck and Noise-Induced Transitions
TD12 First Passage Problems
TD13 Stochastic Resonance
TD14 Out-of-Equilibrium Arrhenius Law
TD15 Noise-Induced Transitions